Why We Need History

History is basically the examination of the past of everything. It allows human to analyze and study the past of humans, animals, and objects. At the same time, it enables us to review changes, improvements or destruction of the subject. History gives us the opportunity to investigate various things, people, and events. It also lets us imagine how and what changed over the course of time.

Historians are people who are trained in the various methods of discovering and analyzing facts and proofs. They spend money, time, and effort on finding many different information and physical proofs about their subject. Despite being on the same profession, historians do not always openly agree with one another about a finding. History can always be told in hundreds of versions. The mere fact that we can only imagine and interpret the past makes it debatable. As historians, their goal is to present a clear picture of what happened in the past.

Importance of History

History is essential to humans in many ways. There are several good reasons why we need to learn about it in school. As humans, it’s important to know something about our past or about anything we care about. For example, if raising dogs is one of your beloved hobby, then you should definitely study the history of dogs. Aside from giving you some ideas on how they became an important part of mankind’s development and success, it also allows you to know more facts about your pets. Knowing about the history of something or someone will not only help you learn about the past. In fact, it will help you understand both the past and the present.

  • Ideas and Information About the Past – first and foremost, receiving information and ideas from the past is one of the benefits we gain from studying history. We don’t have to be students to study about the history of something or someone. People who know something about the history of someone or something usually has more knowledge than those who don’t know anything about history. Ideas and information about the past will help anyone to improve in the present. These information will serve as a guide so that we will fare better. In fact, the history of an object, person, or animal will help us improve, prevent, or protect ourselves from whatever negative things that might happen in the present. Regular reading of history will give us the facts that we need to do better in life. Ever wondered why humans are doing better today? Basically, it’s because of what we take from the past and improve in the present. These information are vital to the success and development of humans.
  • Avoid Making the Same Mistakes – another reason why history is important is because it allows people to avoid making the same mistakes. Similar to what’s mentioned above, history allows people to prevent or protect themselves from whatever negative things that could happen in the present. Usually, we look at history as a guide to avoid making the same errors. If we find something in the past that we think isn’t appropriate, then making improvements will allow us to come out with better results. We won’t enjoy high tech cellular phones if the inventors and developers don’t have a history or pattern to follow. History serves as a guide to help us avoid falling time and again.
  • Improve Our Lives – whenever we avoid making the same mistakes, we get a higher chance of making improvements. People who don’t fall into the same problems usually come out with a better outcome. History helps us improve our lives by simply allowing us to make improvements. Normally, success is just around the corner if we know how to avoid failure. While it’s not easy to achieve success, it’s a lot easier if we know what to look out for. Once we know what to find out, we’ll have a better chance at improving our lives. There are many individuals who are having difficulties in  becoming successful because they keep repeating the same mistakes. As mentioned above, people who avoid making the same lapses usually make improvements. Ever wondered why you’re always good at something the second time around? Basically, it’s because you already know what to avoid and what needs to be done on your next try. While there are people who still fail on their second try, most of us make significant improvements though.
  • Make Corrections – the best thing about learning history is that it allows us to make corrections. History serves as a guide that allows us to find the real problem. Once we know the issue, it’s always a lot easier to make  some corrections. More often than not, people who have some knowledge about the history of something are capable of making dramatic changes for improvement purposes.
  • Give Respect to the Important People of the Past – history is written to serve as a reminder of who were the movers and shakers of the past. People who were significantly important to the discovery or development of something we enjoy today are commonly mentioned and honored in our history. Without history, it’s impossible to recognize, honor, and pay respect to the ones who’ve made leaps and bounds of improvements to the betterment of our society. In fact, nobody will be able to recognize the greatest contributors to an invention. We can never find out who invented the light bulb, cars, computers, and anything that makes our lives a lot better.
  • Inspire People – aside from all the facts that help us make the right moves and decisions in life, history simply inspires people to become better persons. History can be a good inspiration to many individuals in many different ways. We are inspired by the people who made it on top despite all the struggles they’ve been through in their lives. As a result, it serves as a motivation to all of us. If you’ve read books or watched films about the slavery in the past, you’ll be surprised and inspired  by the stories of how people survived and thrived under barbaric treatment. History serves as an inspiration to those who are seeking for strength. Lots of people find comfort on history especially if it’s about their roots. A lot of us seek refuge and strength from the history of the people who are close to us. We easily get inspired when we read or hear about the history of someone who became successful. This is one of the reasons why rugs-to-riches stories are popular all over the world. People love to be inspired especially with stories about the history of a prominent person who made it from the bottom.

History is important to humans because of many good reasons. Basically, most of the important reasons were mentioned above. In conclusion, history plays a significant role to our success in the present as well as in the future. Without it, living a life with less mistakes is difficult. History simply upgrades our lives to avoid going back to the same problems over and over again. At the same time, it also enables us to make the right moves for the present and the future as well.