What Makes History

History is a bit of everything. There’s history in anything we see, feel, touch, smell, and taste. In fact, there’s history in every single one of us. Do you remember the time that you’ve been through various places during your trip to another country? That’s history for yourself.

Every single one of us can make his own history. You don’t have to be really great in order to write your name in history. In fact, there are average individuals whose names are on the pages of history. There are several factors on how you can make history for yourself or with anything that you are doing. As a person, you can write your own history by being able to accomplish a few feat.

Here are some of the factors that makes history.


Being creative doesn’t only allow people to make new things. It also lets them become a popular personality in history. We can always find the names of the great inventors from the past to the present when we study about history. Regardless of your origin, people will praise and honor you for what you’ve done and contributed to the convenience and success of mankind. Take Thomas Edison for example. He was the genius behind the electric bulb we’ve enjoyed before the development of LED bulbs. Despite the fact that the newer versions are better, it won’t be possible for the new developers to create an improvement if not for the brilliance of Edison.

Creativity is an important factor if you want to make history. You don’t have to be bright to be creative though. There are lots of people who weren’t really good at class but made names for themselves because of their creativity. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were two of the greatest minds in the world of technology. Both of them were school dropouts and considered as the most-likely-to-fail type of people. However, they’ve turned the tide by making waves of brilliance with their creativeness. As a result, people nowadays remember them not as the dropouts but as the geniuses who’ve made the Apple and Microsoft Company.


People like Nelson Mandela made history because of what they were fighting for. History can be made or drawn in many ways. You can make yours by spending your cash on nightly gimmicks with various women or you can live your life fighting for freedom or such similar cause. A cause is important when it comes to history. We can find lots of names who’ve made their names in history because of what they were fight for. Some people fought for freedom from another country while others died for it from their own nation.

History can always be made by geniuses but nothing compares with history made by good people. If you think you’re not the intellectual type, then write a legacy by what you do or how you live your life. People will appreciate you based on your contribution to the society and not of your personal achievements.

Violence and Bloodshed

Adolf Hitler is one of the best examples of people who made history because of violence and bloodshed. Despite his goals in making Germany a better nation for its people, its actions have made other people to lose their loved ones.

Violence and bloodshed usually make history because of the horrible effects they have on the lives of the people. Violence simply carves and leaves scars on the mind of individuals. As a person, it’s quite difficult to forget something bad that’s happened in your life. In fact, it’s a lot harder to get rid of such memories as compared to remembering the good thoughts in life.

Most of us love to watch violent movies because of the benefits we receive from it. Watching such types of movies give us the feeling of thrill and suspense. The same thing is true with real violence and bloodshed. We often get drawn to such issues because they are uncommon to most people.


History also provides some space for people who are innovative. While Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Henry Joseph Round, Oleg Vladimirovich Losev, Robert Biard, Gary Pittman, and Nick Holonyack were all instrumental to the innovation of the bulb. They were all important people who paved the way to the creation of the LED light bulb we enjoy today. If not for these geniuses, we won’t be saving serious money on electric bills. LED light bulb is energy efficient which makes it an outstanding innovation. Aside from the LED light bulb, there are other innovations that have made history because of their contribution to the convenience of human life.

Inventors and designers alike share the spotlight in history thanks to their innovations. Concepts put into reality are now being enjoyed by many people all around the world. Many individuals made history in making improvements out of what’s already present in our planet. Whether it’s an important tool or machine, providing improvements can help you make history.


Athletes make history because of their superiority over their foes. It’s also why some countries make more history than the others. Superiority is a factor in making history. In sports, a boxer like Muhammad Ali made history because of his victories over his opponents. NBA players and teams also draw their own history because of their performances. Victories are always the results of being better over your opponent. In fact, it’s quite difficult to remember athletes who are average. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to recall players like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Diego Maradona.


Lastly, scandals also make history whether we like it or not. We can find lots of history about the bad or crazy things that has happened to one nation after the other. Although we can always say that these are bad events, we can never deny their existence in the history of mankind. Hilary Clinton scandal was a huge fuss in America back in the 90s. People shared different opinions on the issue involving the wife of the former president Bill Clinton. Despite of the bad image, she made it to politics.

While scandals will forever remain as bad images in history, they are always being used by people who want to be instant celebrities. Individuals and groups who want to be on the spotlight usually do something stupid to get public attention. Once the media are all over them, they’ll become instant celebrities who’ll either make things right or continue their image.

As we’ve seen all over the written history of mankind, scandals are forever a part of the past. Whether it involves prominent people or average individuals, these kinds of antics will remain embedded in the minds of the people.

History can always be written the way we want it to be put in black and white. As a person, it’s up to us how our life goes down to history. Do you want to be remembered as someone who has helped the society with your kindness or as a person who did stupid things just to get attention? No matter what society tells us, it’s really up to us humans how our lives would end up in the books.