What is a Bruised Rib

Any direct impact on the chest with force is capable of leaving damages to the rib cage of the receiver. Athletes are prone to this type of injury especially those who are competing in contact sports such as rugby, football, mixed martial arts, and many similar activities. Regular individuals are also not exempted to this type of damage to the chest as any fall on the chest can result to such problem. Car accidents also tally a great number of incidents that are associated to bruised ribs.

What You Feel

A bruised rib is a condition that leaves discoloration on the rib area due to traumatic injuries. This type of accident does leave you with sudden pain upon the onset of the impact. It also makes the patient winded for quite some time due to the force that has hit the chest area. Breathing can become difficult especially on severe cases. Straightening the body can also cause pain and discomfort even with mild conditions. If you try to feel the ribs, you will notice tenderness on this area of your body. Putting pressure while you touch the affected ribs may result to pain.

Seek Medical Help

Seek medical attention and care right away as soon as you recover from the fall. On serious cases though, do not try to stand up and walk on your own as you might aggravate the condition of your body especially if you have fractures on your ribs. It would be much better to take a rest and lie flat on the ground for a while. Getting up would be stressful and would put strain to your upper body which have definitely been affected from the impact.

X-rays as well as MRI scans will be utilized on the body of the patient to determine the extent of the injuries. Soft tissues and bones will b examined in order to rule out the condition of the patient. Afterwards, a series of treatment programs will be prescribed depending on the progress of the patient.

In order to ease the pain and swelling on the rib area, anti-inflammatory medications will be prescribed by the doctor who is monitoring your case. Make sure to purchase the exact medicine and do not try to buy generic drugs as this may have lower potency as compared to the prescribed one(s).

Take Some Rest

Add some rest to these medications and you’ll be good to go after a few weeks. The period of time for rest would basically depend on the condition and response of the body. Rest would play an important role to your recovery. In mild cases, you do not need other treatment programs in order to get rid of the bruised rib(s). Give it time to rest and relax and you’ll see progress of healing.

Serious cases may require more time as the pain should totally vanish before you can go back to your normal activities. Athletes may find it uncomfortable to play their game if they are not feeling 100% percent good with their body condition. Always remember to never force your body to work if it is experiencing something wrong.