Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy

Vegetarianism and veganism is becoming more popular today. One of the reasons why it is very popular is because more and more people are becoming g health conscious today. Another huge reason why vegetarianism is becoming popular is because of the popularity of animal rights which is being promoted by several groups, the most prominent of which is PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Hurdles to Becoming a Vegetarian

There are many hurdles that would have to be conquered if one is to become a vegetarian. Once of those is the difficulty of obtaining suitable food. Most processed food products would contain some animal ingredient and that is not going to be acceptable to someone who is serious about becoming a vegetarian. Another major difficulty of switching over to a vegetarian or a vegan diet is the difficulty of cooking dishes that are vegetarian. How can get started in vegetarian cooking?

Cooking Vegetarian

How does one start cooking vegetarian dishes? The truth is that there is nothing complicated about it. It’s basically cooking the same way but you just have to remember to remove any ingredient that contains anything that was taken from animals. That means you would really have to label the product that you will be using for your cooking.

Vegetarian cooking is the same. The process is no different when you are cooking regular dishes. There are no special methods or techniques that you should remember and use.

Using Meat Substitutes

A common technique that is prescribed to those who are just starting to become vegetarian is to use meat substitutes. These are the ingredients in cooking that are used for replacing meat. They are similar to meat in texture than in taste but it would help a great deal inn transitioning from a diet that is heavy on meat to one that is basically meatless.

Here are some of the more commonly used meat substitutes:

    • Gluten
    • Tofu
    • Natural meat substitutes like mushroom


Gluten is food product that is made from flour. The starch part of the flour is washed away and what remains is processed into a dough-like material. Color is added to make it look more like meat. It is used commonly be vegetarians and vegans as their main meat substitute.


Tofu is a food product that has a long history. It was originally developed by Buddhist monks from China as a means of finding replacement for meat. It is processed from soy beans. It is very heavy in protein and is one of the main sources of that nutrient for vegetarians.


There are some natural ingredients that can be cooked in a way that would give it a consistency that is similar to that of meat. One of the more commonly used is mushrooms, which in taste and in appearance when cooked is a lot similar to some types of meat.

These are just of the things that you ought to know when you want to switch to a vegetarian diet.