Top Popular Histories in the World

History helps us remember the past so that we can live a better future. While there’s been bad things done in the past, we can always use them to make our lives better. Whether you’re a student or not, it’s important to learn history.

Basically, we can learn a lot of different things from history. In fact, history is one of the most exciting and intriguing subjects to study. It will allow us to travel back in time as we use our imagination. Wouldn’t it be exciting to relive history as we read books or watch documentaries?

The history of various countries and its people were mostly written down in books. Today, we can enjoy learning about the past because of these reading materials. As a student, it’s a lot easier to learn about our past or a country’s history thanks to these books.

Despite all of what’s written about the past, there are some that remains on top of the list. These became popular all over the world because of the effects, consequences, and results. Here are some of the top popular histories in the world.

World War II (Second World War)

Germany has raged war against its neighboring countries in Europe in the 1940s. Led by its ambitious and charismatic leader Adolf Hitler, Germany bombarded and killed millions of Jews and other races in the name of their Fuhrer. World War II is quite popular because of the many people involved in the several years of war and violence. The war involves neighboring countries such as Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, as well as Japan, Philippines, China, and America.

According to history, Germany rose and became greedy of power by conquering many parts of Europe. They’ve invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 which led to the global war. After the invasion of Poland, war against Germany was declared by France and the United Kingdom. More than 30 countries were involved in the war as it escalated. Later on, Japan made big splashes by making a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor. Destroying and sinking the battleships while taking thousands of lives, the Empire of Japan headed back to East Asia to conquer various countries. America then went on to participate with the Allied forces by defending countries against the invasion of the Axis alliance.

World War II is one of the most talked-about subject in history because of many reasons. One of these, as mentioned above, is the fact that many lives were involved. Another reason why it’s popular is because many stories about survival, struggles, victories, and defeats were all forged in that era. Today, we have many war stories pertaining to World War II. In fact, there are many films about the second world war.

The global war is also popular because many good things can be learned from reading its history. Leaders will be aware of the effects of war so that they will hesitate on starting a new one. History is important in telling us about the past and its consequences. It’s a guide that allows people to avoid making the same mistakes again. Instead of making the same blunders, people can make improvements out of what they read of history.

World War I

While the Second World War was more popular, World War I is also one of the most talked-about events in the history of mankind. Also known as the Great War or the European War, World War I involves countries in Europe. An estimated number of more than 9 million fighters from all around Europe died in the Great War.

The war began with the invasion of Serbia led by the Austro-Hungarians who fired the first shots. Germany and Austri-Hungery were both allies in conquering the different parts of Europe. Withstanding the conquest were France, Great Britain, and the Russian Empire. The attack in Serbia led to the devastating war that took the lives of millions of people both combatants and civilians.

Prisoners of war were brought to concentration camps for various reasons. Children were slaughtered while women were raped before being killed. The men were either killed on spot or taken to prison camps. Some of them were given uniforms to fight under the banner of the Axis alliance.

At the end of the war, Germany alongside Austria-Hungary fell to the Allied forces. Agreements were made to avoid any possible war in the future for both alliances. Despite the effort in concealing possible war in the near future, all attempts were lost as Germany later on gave in to fascism which led to World War II.

Nations celebrated at the end of the war despite all the deaths. They have something really worth remembering though as the violence and hate has been resolved. However, little did people know that another history was about to be written. The second war was imminent. Germany and its new allies needed 20 years to start a new war which will shed the lives of millions all over the world.

Just like with the Second World War, World War I was popular because of the millions of lives involved in the great war. Despite the fact that history enabled people to look back to the cause of war, history repeated itself by the advent of the Second World War.

Roman Empire

The establishment of the Roman Empire is also considered as one of the popular histories written in books. Rome has seized power over the vast lands of Europe in the early centuries. With its strength, the nation brings Christianity to the various lands of the continent. Back in the early centuries, Rome was considered as one of the most powerful if not the most powerful empires in the world.

Rome was also one of the most intriguing nations in the world. From its great coliseum to its assassinations, the Roman Empire’s history has drawn the interest of many people all over the world. Rome has its fair shares of issues and intrigues in history that can be compared with any of the famous countries today. In fact, it’s murders and sex scandals in the early centuries have made hundreds of historians to do various research about Rome.

Aside from the controversies and their conquests, Rome is also responsible as a great contributor to the principles of democracy. Today, we enjoy democracy in America because of the contributions of Rome during the early period.

History allows people to take a look back at what happened in the past. Whether good or bad, history was written as a guide so that we won’t go back to our previous condition. Despite all the efforts though, some people just have their own interests. As a result, they don’t mind the consequences of their actions. However, there are people who only think about the well-being of others.

No matter where we look at it, history plays an important role in our lives. Whether it’s for giving us additional knowledge through information or by allowing us to avoid making the same mistakes, history truly is essential to our success. As a person, we need to cherish and study our past so that we can make the most out of our present.