Remedies for Fleas on Dogs

When you ask dog owners about the biggest and most common problems that they encounter with their pets, fleas would rank right at the top of the list. Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of your dogs. As they suck on the blood of the animals, it can be very irritating and itchy that they would constantly scratch.

Fleas can a very serious problem and can threaten the health of your pet. Your pet can end up with sores on their skin on top of the constant irritation and itching of the bites. Fleas can also carry diseases and for smaller dog breeds they can actually cause death. Fleas can lay more than 50 eggs a day so that means you can have a very serious flea problem after a very short period. It is not surprising therefore to see dogs that have some very serious flea infestation.

Prevention is of course always better. You should keep your pet clean all the time. Make sure that they do not go to places where there could be fleas and don’t let them mix with other animals that might be infested. It only takes one flea to infest your dog.

The Best and Simplest Remedy

It is not easy to get rid of fleas once they infest an animal. They are very hardy and they stick to the body of the animal. They can also produce a lot of eggs in very short time. But before you try going to a vet and spending hundreds of dollars in making your pet free from fleas, you should try a few home remedies first.

The simplest home remedy that you can try is to wash your pet regularly with soap and water. Yes, it’s as simple as that. There’ no need yet to buy those expensive flea-killing products out there. You should just try the old bathing method. You should leave the lather on because it is the one that actually lifts the fleas from the skin. After a while when you wash it away the fleas would come off with the water.

Vacuuming Your House

Another simple method for taking care of your flea problem is to vacuum your place thoroughly. Though fleas lay eggs on your pets usually the eggs will fall off to the floor or to carpet. They can only reach your pet when they become full grown. So your aim should be to take care of them while they are in the floor. You should use your vacuum regularly. Fleas that get sucked into the machine are killed right away.

Consulting the Vet

If the flea infestation is still heavy after following these tips then you should take your pet to the vet. They would probably recommend some medical or chemical treatment that would and that would cost a great deal of money. But if you value your pet’s health then that shouldn’t be a problem for you. No price would be too great to pay to make sure that they are okay.