Productive Ways To Healthy Anger Management

Stress is an inevitable event which contributes to a lot of negative emotions such as anger. Anger is an emotion which can cause detriment to your health, disposition and relationships with other people. But anger can be managed into a healthy way that it does not cause any consequences.

Consulting a psychologist might be a little draining on your wallet since they tend to charge their services per hour. There are a lot alternative methods in which you can manage your anger in a healthier and cheaper way without requiring effort.

Use Exercise As An Outlet

Exercise helps you release negative emotions through vigorous movement and action. High impact exercises which double as a combat sport such as boxing and Muay Thai provide a healthy outlet for anger.

Exercise is also encouraged after work to cope with the everyday stresses of working and dealing with coworkers. Exercise provides the release of endorphins, a mood boosting hormone which can regulate moods.

Jot Down Your Feelings

Get a personal journal wherein you write all the negative emotions you have felt the whole day. This helps you identify what causes your temper to shoot up and how you should cope with it without the use of self destruction.

Improvise A Time Out For Yourself

A time out isnít just limited for toddlers. It can be used for adults who have problem dealing with anger. As you try to have a time out, you will realize that your impulsive feelings will be a detriment to yourself and your relationships with other people. If you feel trapped in a situation wherein you want to burst out in anger, take a time out and go outside. You will feel better.

Always Think Before You Act

Before doing anything impulsive, always try to think before you act. Will this bring consequences when I try to speak out in anger? Will this ruin a good relationship with my coworkers? Will I be held responsible for myself when I just let my anger slide? These are the questions you need to think about before you act on something in anger.

Use Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a form of relaxation technique which helps you focus more on happy though rather than on the stimuli which causes you to be angry. This is proven helpful especially when it comes to dealing with situations you can never control such as a toxic boss or a supervisor which require you to bite the bullet before you can get something from them in return.

Stop Blaming Others

When daily stresses make your temper shoot up, donít try to blame other people for the consequences of your actions. For instance, you arrive in late from work because you woke up late but you had to take you daughter to school. When you were driving her to school, you poured out all your anger to her because you wouldnít be late if you didnít have any other obligations. This will be quite unfair to others if you blame them. Take responsibility for your actions.