Milieu Therapy And Therapeutic Communication

Milieu Therapy is a type of therapy in which people or a certain person is exposed to a therapeutic or structured environment. These positive factors then encourage people or persons to function within their range of social norms (the rules and regulations of their environment) through modification of the personĂ­s life circumstances and immediate environment.

The bottom line about Milieu Therapy in treatment of psychological patients is a therapeutic and riendly community. In Milieu Therapy the most basic physiological needs of the person are fulfilled. Sometimes physical facilities are conductive to achievement of the goals of therapy. Unit responsibilities are assigned according to client capabilities. Also, a structured program of social and work-related activities is scheduled and part of the Milieu Therapy. Communities and families are also included in the program of therapy in the effort to help them discharge (finish their therapy). A Democratic form of self-government is a good example of Milieu Therapy.

The Environment Of Milieu Therapy

The environment type of Milieu therapy should be as safe as possible. Sometimes the patient is contained. The people/therapists who care for the patients while doing Milieu Therapy will try to validate their information/communication by the use of affirmations and questions. The interaction between people inside the environment of Milieu Therapy is also very structured. In other words, attitudes and way of approaching patients varies and differ specifically. There is also open communication in the environment, where everybody is/are willing to share information.

Roles Of The Therapist On Milieu Therapy

One of the most important and major roles the therapist has to their/his/her relationship with the patient is that which grows out of the developing trust. There should be complete and utmost trust in both the therapist and the patient.

Within an atmosphere filled with trust the patient is encouraged to express feelings and emotions. He/she will no longer be afraid or doubtful to share information with the therapist. Usually it is on this time that the therapist will being his/her interviews to discuss unresolved issues that are creating problems in the life of the patient.

Usual Actions Of The Therapist

In Milieu Therapy there should be a therapeutic type of environment provided for the patient. The therapist and other workers of the facility will then do certain type of an intervention, which include but is not limited to counseling, intervening whenever a crisis occurs in the interview and/or treatment process and mileu management. The therapist and other facility workers will also help the patient care for himself/herself; actions such as helping the patient brush her hair, helping her wash water the plants, teaching her how to cook can have really huge impacts in establishing a good relationship between the therapist and the patient.

The administering of medications is also included in Milieu therapy interventions since certain psychobiological treatments are important for the recovery of the patient. Health teaching and education of the patient related to psychology and psyches are also included in Milieu management. Other activities in milieu management include psychiatric rehabilitation, telehealth, and community based care and/or outreach.