Is Beer Drinking a Need or a Want

Every beer aficionado has his own reasons why he drinks this popular beverage on a regular basis. Some are consuming a bottle of it for its health benefits while others for social purposes. Whatever the reason is, you need to know whether your habit is out of need or want.

Beer Drinking Benefits and Negative Effects

According to various studies, consuming an adequate amount of beer can be beneficial to the human body. Individuals who are concerned with their health should consider taking a bottle of beer on a regular basis. You don’t have to be a regular drunk though in order to enjoy the benefits. In fact, too much of the beverage can be bad for your health. If you don’t know how to control your drinking, there’s a probability that you’ll end up with health problems. It should be taken in moderation to avoid the negative effects.

If you are a beer drinker, you must know the benefits and bad effects of your drinking habit. This is important if you want to find out if your inclination to drink is for want or need. People who need the alcoholic beverage usually limit their consumption. On the other hand, those who want it often end up getting drunk or get involved in fights.

One of the medical benefits of drinking beer is a stronger heart. According to research, drinking beer reduces the risks of heart attack. Based on statistics, beer drinkers have a 40 to 60 percent reduced risk of experiencing and suffering from heart attack as compared to people who do not drink beer. Non-drinkers should consider sipping a glass of beer on a daily basis to strengthen their hearts. As we all know, prevention is always better than cure. Don’t wait for your body to become frail against various medical issues, like heart diseases.

On the other hand, drinking too much beer can have a negative effect to your body. Drinking beer in excessive amount can damage the liver. Too much beer for heavy drinkers often causes liver cirrhosis which is a serious medical condition. Normally, this happens to people who drink beer because of want and not out of need.

In weighing the pros and cons, it will give you an idea on whether drinking beer for you is a need or want. Once you’ve weighed the advantages and disadvantages, you can come up with a clear decision on why you drink beer. Keep in mind that every single person’s decision is based on individual preference and should not depend on peer pressure or involuntary decision.

Why You Drink Beer

Our justifications vary as we have our own reasons why we drink beer on a regular basis. According to the statistics, 90% of the drinkers enjoy beer out of want. Normally, we want to drink beer to hang around with our friends. This is one of the reasons why we go out with our buddies. Drinking beer can be addictive, especially if we really love the beverage while in the company of peers. There are only few individuals who drink beer out of need. Most of the regular drinkers gulp their glasses of beer out of want.

Based on the data gathered by rehabilitation centers on alcoholic addiction, most of the patients suffered due to their wants. Basically, it’s hard to stop or prevent your drinking habit if you do it out of desire. If it’s out of need, there’s a chance that you’ll even quit in the long run. There’s a huge difference between wants and needs. In most cases, we do well with wants.

Add peer pressure and the desire to be “in” with our society, most people prefer drinking beer out of want instead of need. A lot of drinkers don’t even know that drinking such alcoholic beverage in moderate quantity can bring good things to their bodies.

Health Benefits

You will seldom hear your friends tell you about the health benefits of drinking beer. In fact, most of your conversations while you enjoy your alcoholic beverages are either personal, business, or plain chit chats. There’s even a high probability that you won’t discuss the subject of health benefits from consuming beer.

If you’re drinking beer because of its positive effects, you’re probably drinking it out of needs. A lot of non-drinkers tolerate the bitter taste of beer just to enjoy good health,. Despite the taste, they continue to quaff beer on a regular basis. Beer is advantageous to your health as long as you control your drinking. Your body doesn’t need too much alcohol in order to remain physically fit. However, individuals who drink out of want tend to go over the limit. As a result, drunkards often find themselves with a medical condition or often get hurt when they start a fight.

An excessive consumption of beer can’t provide health benefits but sickness. You should limit your intake of alcohol that is only sufficient to promote a healthy heart. Drinking in excess of what your body needs can cause the opposite instead of the health benefits a glass of beer can provide. If you don’t want this to happen to you, consider beer drinking as a need instead of as a want. After all, what’s the difference of drinking too much if you are able to enjoy a few bottles without the negative effects?

Beer in excess can also cause weight gain. A bottle of beer contains high amount of calories. So if you gulp an excessive amount, you’ll end up packing more weight. Just like with food, the calories you get from beer can be quite difficult to remove from the body. In fact, exercise and diet aren’t enough to trim down your weight. You need to get rid of such drinking habit if you want to be fit and healthy. A lot of people who are in a healthy diet fail to be successful because of their excessive drinking. However, if you keep it under control, you can enjoy a life free of medical worries.

Overall, the difference between drinking beer out of need and want is the end result. According to studies, individuals who consume more than two bottles a day drink out of want. And as a result those who drink because of wants end up with medical issues. Even if you’re healthy, your body will succumb to organ failure if you pour more alcohol into it. This is why health experts recommend drinkers to drink in moderation. And we all know that anything that is taken in excess can be bad to your health. Eventually, if you can’t control your bad habit, your problem will become complicated.

On the other hand, regular drinkers out of need keep an eye on their beer consumption. They are disciplined and limit their intake to a glass or two a day. Such quantity is acceptable and in fact good for the human body. If you can keep up such practice on a regular basis, you can expect a good health and enjoy it.

Are you drinking out of need or want? If you’re quaffing your beer because of need, you can expect a lot of good things from such practice. However, once you lose control of your drinking, it’s the opposite. A wise drinker foresees what lies ahead with regard to his health. If you put priority on your physical fitness, drink only what you need.