Facts About The Gravity Of The Earth

As we all know, the behavior of our planet hearth is as if all the matter on it were at its center. The strength of the gravity it has at any place; therefore will depend on the distance the object has to the center of the earth. For example, a summer camp being erected up at a certain seashore can be closer to the center of the planet that a summer camp that is found up on the mountains. The strength of the earthís gravity on the camp situated in the seaside will be a lot stronger compared to the one at the mountains.

While gravity pulls bodies downwards towards the earthís center, this strength may depend on the distance the object/body has to the earthís center. When the earth rotates and/or spins, the action is also able to affect the strength and power of the earthís gravity. This is because the spinning of the planet is able to create an effect that creates an outward force against the powers of gravity. This is also known as the centrifugal effect.

Experiment About The Earthís Gravity Versus Centrifugal Force

You can perform an experiment to know more about the actions and the idea behind the centrifugal effect. You are going to need a few equipment to perform the experiment, these are; a marble, a phonograph, a phonograph record (or if you donít have one [a bit hard to find one today since they are antiques], then find a turntable). First you will have to put the record on the turntable of the phonograph. Place the marble anywhere on the record of the phonograph. Then set the phonograph speed to 78 rpm before turning the switch on. After you have turned on the switch you will notice the marble spinning off the phonograph.

When the turntable of the phonograph spins, it will create the centrifugal effect. This effect the throws off the marble away from the center of the turntable (picturing out the center as the earthís center as well)
In a much more similar way, when the planet is spinning it also creates a centrifugal effect. At the surface of the planetís surface, the forces of the centrifugal effect and gravity pull objects in different and opposing directions. While the gravity tries to pull objects inwards and into the center of the earth, the centrifugal effect pulls things away from the center of the earth. The pull of the gravity of the earth is lessened by the centrifugal effect that is due to the spinning of the planet.

The Equator Versus The Poles

An object from the equator of the earth also has a lot more centrifugal force compared to the objects near the poles of the earth. This is due to the fact that the object on the equator is able to move a lot more fast around the planetís axis than the oneís located at the poles. An object at the equator of the planet is able to travel at more than 24,000 miles a day as the earth turn completely on its axis. For example, the weight of sugar weighed on Honolulu Hawaii would weigh a thousandth of a pound less if you weighed it at the equator.