Do You Know What is Spinal Canal Stenosis

As we grow older, we experience more and more injuries as compared when we were a bit younger. Athletes are no different from regular people as they are also prone to all sorts of damages to the various parts of their bodies. A spinal canal stenosis is a type of injury that is more prevalent on older people, especially with athletes. It is a condition where the spinal canal narrows which in return creates pressure on the nerves located at the spine. The effect would be painful and quite disturbing especially on severe cases.

What Causes It

Aging is one of the primary contributors to the cause of this type of condition. It is commonly a wear and tear situation where the bones as well as the joints on the spine are susceptible to get damaged in due time. Arthritis also affects the bones in the long run. Traumatic injuries such as falling on your back on a hard surface can also result to such back problem. Make sure that you immediately seek professional help to enhance your healing and recovery process.

How Will You Know It

Weakness or the inability to function of the lower limbs is among the common signs and symptoms that a person is struck with spinal canal stenosis. Pain in the lower back of the body and legs is also another thing to look at with this type of injury. You will also experience numbness on both the legs and the lower back. Both bowel and bladder problems are present when it comes to serious cases. Although standing and walking may cause the symptoms to show, sitting and lying down in the act of resting can relieve the painful and uncomfortable feelings of the injury.

What to Do

As soon as you feel something wrong with your spine area, immediately get it x-rayed in order to confirm the type of injury. X-ray is a good way of testing for the extent of injuries as well as for observing the progress. Avoid sudden movements or postures that can aggravate the condition of the spine. Keep in mind that the nerves are damaged in this situation which is why it is very important not to add more problems.

Exercise Is Relief

Mild conditions can be easily treated with exercises designed to help relieve the pain and promote healing and recovery. These exercises are commonly focused on the back and core of the client. They do not include strenuous exercises that can be detrimental to the health of the patient. In fact, these are stuffs that are approved and prescribed by doctors due to their efficacy and success in helping a person restore back to their normal condition.

Serious problems on the other hand would require more complicated methods of treatment such as surgery. Although this is quite expensive, it can be your only chance of correcting the problem. It is not very common though that a spinal canal stenosis attacks a person in the severe stage. Most of these are contracted and are treated during the mild condition. Immediate action is beneficial if you are after quick recoveries.