Cool Summer Job Ideas For College Students

College can be expensive, not to mention the payment of apartment rent and other expenses of daily living. It is a necessity to find other means of earning money without affecting your class schedule. Summer break is the perfect time to take a job because most summer classes are very flexible in schedule. It also gives you a lot of ideas for all summer gimmicks made possible.

The advantages of taking a job in the summer are the benefit of earning money from one or two jobs at the same time and it can also beef up you resume when you try to apply for a job in the near future. Most have internships which also give a daily allowance. These can also help you give a heads up on your chosen course and how a theory can be applied into real practice.

Distributor Of Flyers

Lots of companies hire idle college students for the summer to do advertising for them. It also defeats the monotony of spending time in an enclosed office space, giving you the liberty to go around a perimeter of an area as you desire. You may get different reactions from the people you give off a flyer, but what matters most is how you got your advertising across. Try not to be a little invading when you give them the flyer though.

Freelance Writer

If you have a love for writing and have been using it as hobby since you were a kid, you can use your talents be trained as a content writer for a SEO. It not only enhances your writing skills to an optimum, but it also earns money at the same time too.

Survey Staff

There are lots of establishments and companies which would hold random surveys in public places such as a school or an airport. Being a part of a survey staff entails you to distribute questionnaires and ask the required questions needed. In short, it prepares you on how you establish excellent public relations.

Junior Entrepreneur

We have been entrepreneurs in our own right when we were little kids trying to sell lemonade. As grown college students, it is time to take these entrepreneur skills to a higher level. There are multilevel companies which require a small capital wherein you can automatically apply for distributorship. Make sure it is a product youĂ­d use and would love to endorse though, otherwise your marketing strategy will not win customers.


These are not really an ideal choice for a summer job if you want to earn money. But it helps promote both personal and career growth. If you have a dream of franchising your own Starbucks Coffee Shop someday, then the best way of learning how to manage it is to work entry level jobs in the institution.

Internships can also add credit to your resume and work experience in the near future. Most headhunters would want an applicant who has a drive to work and have the an early exposure to jobs since they were in college.